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Goodbye Gmail

Email and Privacy

I've been a long time user of Gmail. I use my gmail address for...well, everything that you need an email address for. But there's a downside to using a free service like Gmail. You are the product - or more specfically data about you is ...



The text editor for those who want speed and features.

I've been a long-time user of vim (and have dabbled with emacs). But it's really only been the last 2-3 years that I have make a serious commitment to learning more of vim's features.

I thought I ...

Small blog changes

Once again, it's been a very log time since I have posted anything.

I've changed what I use behind the scenes to generate this blog. Since I switched to hosting it on GitHub, I've been using Octopress to generate the site. Octopress is developed in Ruby, and ...

"You say tomato, I say pomodoro"


Ever find yourself with a project or task to do, but not the motivation to start?

It becomes easy to find distractions doesn't it? You're brain is trying to find ways to avoid the small amount of displeasure it experiences getting started on something, especially something difficult. But ...

"Stay on Target"

stay on target

So you're eager to learn, you have passion for a subject, all you need to do is dive in, spend eight hours a day learning it, and you'll be an expert, right? Not quite... As I mentioned in the last article about Spaced Repetition, your brain needs time ...

"Space...The Final Frontier"


Continuing from my last post about Learning How to Learn, this time I want to turn my focus to another effective technique for recalling and reviewing information.

Spaced repetition

Many people, when learning something make the mistake of attempting to learn it all at once ('cramming'). I've been guilty ...

"A Mind for Learning"


Recently I began an online course through Coursera, Learning How to Learn. I've been interested in advances in neuroscience for awhile, and some of that field has concentrated on trying to understand how people learn, what works, and what doesn't. Learning How to Learn, taught by Dr. Barbara ...

"Deep dives and treading water"

eRezLife Logo

Starting from scratch, it's something developers should be used to...

A couple of months ago, I started a new job at eRezLife. I consider myself fortunate to have landed in a small company where I can make an impact, and each and every person is great to work with ...

"A side of Scala"

Scala Logo

I've been investing time in a few different technologies and programming languages lately. One of the languages that has surprised me is Scala. I'd heard about it, even took a peek at it many years ago, and promptly went on to other things. However, after meeting with Jeremy ...