Obviously Obfuscated Originality

"Time for a Change"

The first, and obvious: a new blog layout. In fact, I am moving this blog to github (and will change to point to it shortly).

In addition, I've decided not to keep all the previous blog posts, though they could be imported fairly easily.

Career Change

This ...

"Catching up with the future"

One of the things that started happening @work in the last year is that more developers within the company began looking to use a wider (and more recent) selection of technology. @work has been running for years on a LAMP (Linux, Apache 1.3x, MySQL, Perl) stack.

With a move ...

"Android Emulator 2.2 and Android Market"

One of the drawbacks to not having an actual Android phone (for now) is that I want to see what apps are available, but Google only has a sampling of what’s available on their web site. I find that rather annoying.

Of course, I do have the emulator, and ...